Skills and lessons from the ancient ones that create self confidence and inspiration

Overview of the Program

An action-packed 9 week program, with over 8 hours a day of skills classes, including culinary, leather-working, sewing, Native American beadwork, buckskinning lore, primitive skills, Fur Trade History, life skills and other arts. Also daily awareness excercises, ancient wisdom hour, gratitude campfires, learning about and working in the organic garden, and weekend excursion adventures, all while living in a tipi (seasonal; beautiful indoor housing also available) next to a creek in the grand landscape of Western Montana. 

Sanctuary Farm Gap Year Program Culinary School

Sewing and Buckskinning Classes

Have you ever wanted to dress in furs and buckskins?  Have you ever wondered how they make outfits in historical movies?  You will learn how to take an ordinary piece of cloth and turn it into an extraordinary replica.  Even if you have never sewed a stitch in your life, you will begin at the beginning, with the first stitch, learning how to follow patterns, how to hand sew and sew on a sewing machine.  Your first project will be to make your own unique chefs coat.  From there you will begin to build your own set of buckskin and cloth regalia.  By the time the class is over, you will have a full set of regalia to take home with you.  

Outdoor Skills Classes

​​Hear lots of wildlife as you live in a tipi, learn fire-making with flint and steel and bow-drill, make smokeless campfires, learn wild plant identification, make salves and tinctures with wild harvested and garden grown herbs, grow your own food in our large organic garden, work with the chickens, cows, dog, cats, and other livestock on the farm, experience a primitive cooking intensive, watch the birds, and continue your journey of inner tracking.

Have you always wanted to go to culinary school but didn't have time to invest 2 years in it?  Or maybe you want a short culinary course before deciding if you want to invest in a full length program?  Then Sanctuary Farm 9 week Gap Year Culinary Program is for you!!  You will learn knife skills, make many kinds of bread, basic sauces, make vegetables you love to eat, grill meats and make a savory stew and pot roast, make delicious sushi, granola, homemade salad dressing, ferments for health including yogurt and kombucha, basic canning and preserving, simple quick dinners, a primitive cooking intensive, and learn to make some really fantastic desserts.   

Ancient Wisdom Classes

Would you like to be able to respond to life rather than relying on defensive strategies of coping?  Do you need a new way of looking at life?  Would you like to be able to take more responsibility for your life and stand up more for the things that you truly value and cherish? These classes explore balance, partnership, and integration at new exciting levels.  This class will help you change the way you look at things, and help you intend purpose and meaning for your life.